MA-UK has been delivering aid to Myanmar since 2012. Our organization has been providing vital emergency assistance and long-term development projects to thousands of people in dire need of humanitarian assistance throughout Myanmar each year.

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Throughout Myanmar

Emergency Response in Kachin State

As part of Emergency response, we distributed again for Food & Non-Food Items Includes distribution of essential hygiene kits (Rice, Vegetable oils, Sardines, Coffee Mix, Sweetened Beverage Creamer, Instant noodle, Egg, Gram Pea, Salt, Side Gathers for women, Handwash, Body wash, Soap Powder,

Magway Flood Emergency Response (July 2018)

Recent monsoon rain in Myanmar devastated many. As part of flood response, MA-UK Myanmar has been distributing Food & Non Food Items Includes distribution of essential hygiene kits . . .

Darpaing IDP Camp Football Tournament

Over five days, I visited lots of projects, both in villages and in Internally Displaced Person (IDP) camps, all of them focused on improving the lives of people who have suffered from years of ethnic conflict. Some projects focused on improving education, such as through the construction of school facilities,

Emergency Aid for 3,000 Families in Sittwe IDP Camps – Jan 2018

January 2018, we distributed emergency food aid to 3,000 families in Sittwe IDP camps and villages, partnering with MATW-Project(AU). Emergency pack includes essential food items. For a family of five, each package will provide a month supply of nutritional needs.

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As a non-profit organization with many years of operation, we always strive for our mission with a modern vision and we hope more people can contribute to our activities...
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We are transparent in all our charity activities. If you want to be a part of us, want to ask for help for yourself or other people, or any question that you want to ask, let us kn​ow...
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Frequently Asked Questions

MA-UK started as a small operation in the country in 2012. Since then, we have been growing year by year. MA-UK has been providing vital emergency assistance and long-term development projects to reach thousands of people in desperate need throughout Myanmar each year. We have provided clean water to more than 60, 000 people and given cash distributions to around 5,000 families to help them put enough food on the table. In addition, we have built hundreds of homes and hospitals, run mobile clinics, and rehabilitated schools to ensure children can get education in adequate facilities. We are continuing to support hundreds of women to rebuild their livelihoods, and providing food distributions to thousands of people who have been displaced by conflict.
We have a small operation in Myanmar, which represents a tiny percentage of our work overseas. MA-UK is working in Sittwe, the capital of Rakhine State, to provide people who have been displaced by conflict with vital food items as well as hygiene and sanitation kits. We are planning to build hundreds of shelters to help people rebuild their communities. We also have livelihood training, food distribution, education programmes , emergency healthcare measures in place.
Due to the sensitive context of working in Myanmar, MA-UK is referred to as MA-UK Myanmar in country. MuslimAid is the leading humanitarian NGO in the UK.
MA-UK recognises there is a conflict taking place in Myanmar which has created an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. As an impartial and humanitarian organisation, MA-UK is responding to the humanitarian situation and providing assistance to people affected from all sides of the conflict.
We are in contact with the government to negotiate access to hard to reach areas in Myanmar, and to deliver lifesaving humanitarian aid. MA-UK is an impartial humanitarian organisation dedicated to fighting poverty and suffering in Myanmar and around the world.