MA-UK (Myanmar) is providing humanitarian assistance in Myanmar since 2012, mostly involved in Sittwee IDP Camps. In addition to regular Food and NFI distribution, we involve in WASH, Education, Health and Livelihood programs.

An innovative livelihood program was initiated by MA-UK in August 2016 by giving Liquid Soap making trainings to 14 selected IDP Women Group in Dapaing Camp. Again on 20.1.2017, at the request of the participants, MAUK organized a Shampoo making training inside Dapaing IDP Camp with 14 plus 4 participants.

An Indonesian Organization DOMPET DHUAFA has donated 6000 USD for MA-UK to use in any activity seems fit for humanity. Out of this small donation we used just 300 USD to give Shampoo training for 18 IDP SHG Group living in entrapped Dapaing Camp. This simple training gave us enormous return! How?...

With the acquired knowledge of Shampoo and Liquid Soap making, the IDP SHG group produced 2500 bottles of Shampoo and 2500 liquid soap in 15 days, and sold out to MA-UK to be distributed in other target areas.

Within a short period of 15 days, all 18 members of the group earned 55,555 Kyats (about 40 US$) each as their labor charges. This is a big amount of income for people entrapped inside IDP Camp. Moreover they had a net profit of around 5,000,000 Kyats (about 3,600 US$), which has become their Self Help Group funding. They intend to use this money for further investment for any livelihood program.

As anticipated another order came in to produce and supply 3000 bottles of Shampoo and 3000 bottles of Liquid soap to be delivered at the end of February 2017. This deal will also give them a net profit of 6,050,000 Kyats (about 4,400 US$). Thus the total profit will be 11,000,000/ (about 8,000 US$)

Just imagine Small is not small..….. it is very very  BIG INDEED!