WASH: Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Similar to near collapsing shelters, toilets attached to these ‘long houses’ are also becoming unusable. We involve in renovating and building new toilets replacing the old ones and digging new tube wells and water storage facilities connected to these toilets for hygiene purposes. We built more than 100 toilets in village schools in and around Sittwe. Digging tube wells inside the IDP Camps and outside villages of Sittwe has become a regular activity for our organization. With donor funding readily arriving, we are on the process of building hundreds of tube wells in the future. This project will also cover other parts of Myanmar where water is in scarcity.
Apart from involving in Rakhine State, we expanded our activities in Yangon, Irrawaddy, Bago, Mandalay and Thaninthary Divisions and Shan State. We regularly distribute food packages and hygiene kits to these Divisions and State especially during fasting month of Ramadan. We also arrange for beef supplies through Qurbani Projects.